Friday, April 17, 2009

Nutrition and Exercise

Sufficient nutrition is essential if the benefits of the exercise are to be achieved and both should go hand in hand. During an exercise, the rate of metabolism increases and that burns up a lot of the calories. It means that there is a reduction of our energy levels and thus must be substituted by the appropriate nutrition.

During an exercise, the body demands increase tremendously and will take sufficient amount of energy from carbohydrates to power the level of metabolism going on. Protein foods will supply the amino acids required for muscle building. All these including antioxidants such as vitamins C and E, micro nutrients like B vitamins and chromium, and minerals such as calcium and magnesium will be required at extra quantities. The level of metabolism releases even more free radicals and as such, increase mop up action will be required by anti-oxidants.

There is an increase in the breakdown of carbohydrates and fats, during an exercise. They all need to be replaced and in cases where the essence is to build the muscles, adequate amino acid sources are ingested to allow the new rate of muscle building triggered off by the exercise.

During an exercise, you will need to drink much water than usual. You will loss very much fluid from sweat and insensible loses due to the increase of respiration, and so you will be easily dehydrated. This can lead to heat stroke, renal stone formation etc. So you will require a lot of water to cool off the exothermic reaction that is occurring in your body.

There will be an increase in every single chemical reaction in the body. Just as everything else is working overtime, so are the heart muscles. You will need to supply the heart with sufficient vitamins like B and C, oxygen and other nutrients to make sure that the electrical activities in the heart continue to meet up the new demands. More sodium and potassium ions influx and efflux occur and nutritional intake should be such that can meet up with these activities. Reduction of these ions could cause the heart block.

The strong grip and balance in the legs of athletes, wrestlers, boxers and other sports can not be developed if the exercise is not properly balanced by good nutrition. For a strong grip, the muscles of the hands need to grow bigger and stronger, the leg muscles must grow bigger too for the balance, and the bones are not going to be strong enough without the supply of sufficient calcium from a diet rich in fruits, fish and milk.

Sufficient carbohydrate which is the main energy source for physical activities should be taken before or after an exercise. If you want to do before an exercise, you need to allow time for adequate digestion to occur and commence when the food is no longer much in the stomach to avoid Angina as blood flow is more to the abdominal organs thereby depriving the heart. Preferably, we should eat after a good rest following an exercise, watching to the needs of the body.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Importance of Exercise

If you forget or perhaps you don't know the importance of exercise for good health, it only means you have been doing many wrong things to your physical health, you are already living a high risk lifestyle and your case must be watched immediately. The muscles of your body will become flaccid and weak. The heart and lungs may be unsuccessful to work properly. That means, without doing exercises may be killing you more than the cigarettes you are smoking.The importance of exercise will require a full book to highlight. If you take a look at a few things particularly to those you must know. You certainly need to know these before you start working out.

Improves Physical Endurance and Stamina- When you do the exercise the body builds up strength gradually and improves physical endurance and stamina. For each additional day of doing the exercise, you become more powerful and much more able to flourish under heaviness. Your aerobic levels improve and if you are running you will still be strong enough to go. While the other people who have not been exercising like you need to stop and take a breath.

Disease Prevention - As mentioned above, exercises as disease prevention may just be the reason why a lot of us who smoke and drink excessively are still alive today. Regular exercise is required for physical fitness and good health. It cut downs considerably, the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes. Regular exercise also supports the long life.

Muscles Strength – The exercise with weights makes the muscles grow larger and become stronger. This exercise produces more strength and even makes your grip a lot more firm. The form of the body can be improved, and your muscles become more toned and hard.

Flexibility - When you exercise it makes much sense to practice a variety of exercises as different forms of exercise for different purposes. Stretching exercise is also important because it helps to circulate lubricants in the joints sufficiently. Stretching Exercise also ensures that the nonstop joint movement gives no opportunity for joint stiffness this way you stay flexible and decrease you possibilities of getting a fracture occurring.

Weight Loss - As you must know before, you can not reduce body weight without exercises. It is improper to try to loss weight on diet alone. Exercise is in charge for burning your body fat to help you loss weight. Exercise is also a key to weight control because it burns calories. If you burn off more calories than you take in, you lose weight. Taking in less amount of calorie alone will not help you loss weight you need to exercise to help the weight loss process.

Aerobic exercise engages continuous and rhythmic physical movement, such as jogging, walking and bicycling. It will affect the heart, the heart will develop and become accustomed to handling higher metabolic demands of the body and so even when you exercise for unusually in the longer periods of time, you do not get tired because the heart can still deal with the higher demand.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Physical and Mental Health

Walking, jogging or cycling is healthy and inexpensive, and can be done by anyone. Moreover, it will surely make fun if done together with family or friends. In addition to physical health, your relationship with family or friends will become closer and more intimate with you. This makes a happy heart and cause a new spirit to the next activity. If this is done continuously, this would impact to your physical and mental health.

Physical health and mental health are such lifestyle longed by every human being. Physical health and mental health must be trained and in addition to the sport should going along with eating nutritious foods.

A good physical health means freedom from pain of the whole body.

Who has a strong and healthy body compared with the emaciated and weak people, can do more activities in the environmental communities. The activities conducted will provide a new experience for his further improvement.

Mental health is a person's ability to adjust to the demands of various developments appropriate with his ability, both to the demands from inside and from outside him, such as to adjust to his home environment, school, work environment, community and peers.

One can follow an activity or to perform well when mentally he is healthy. The definition of mental health is the sense of security, love, happiness and feeling accepted by other people. Otherwise someone will have obstacles to perform an activity or when his mental health disrupted, such as the existence of: sense of panic, sad, angry, complain, worry, low self control, lack of self confidence and others.

The goal we learn about the physical and mental health, so that we can receive physical conditions that have been awarded by God, and our thankful to Him is the road to guard the whole health.

How to maintain physical health to remain healthy and strong, namely:

*Selecting the type of healthy foods and eat regularly, which contains the calories, carbohydrates, protein, minerals, vitamins, milk and the like.
* Maintain cleanliness of the bed. The bed is where we rest out of the activity. It is recommended when trying to sleep in order to clean all organs of the body such as feet, hands, mouth, and others. Beds that are not clean can cause disease. We prepare a fresh body after a good sleep. This means the body organs will work normal and we are ready to do the activities again.
* Maintain cleanliness of the body is important if we want to keep the body healthy. This is an important health-related agencies include all organs of the body and the environment outside of us, such as home, the place to learn, offices and others.
* Medical check up is important to maintain physical health, going to the dentist for dental examination, going to eye doctor etc.. Dental and eye are fundamental for overall physical health. In addition good teeth can also increase self confidence.

How to have and maintain a strong mental health.

Success in making someone or achieve something very much influenced by how a person able to maintain physical and mental health in a balance. Physical and mental health of a person are vital part and integral part in every aspect of life and to will be able to achieve more luck.

For that reason every person must have the ability to face the issue as follows ;

1. Self acceptance.
2. Be simple.
3. Confidence.
4. Positive thinking.
5. Have the spirit or motivation.
6. Not afraid to face the challenge.
7. Open. minded.
8. Cool, not emotional.
9. Socialize.
10. Build good communication with parents, friends, teachers, lecturers, supervisors, and others.
11. Many exercises in self-control, such as not ill-tempered, do not panic, think positive, and easy to forgive others.
12. Always concern with the environment and or sharing with other people.

See you at the top.